I tend to write heady, complex stuff.

I'm working on creating some shorter, easier-to-digest pieces.

Short Story  ~longer read

A dark trip in the present-day American West.

Short screenplay  ~medium read

Magical realism in a young woman's coming-of-age.

Quest design doc ~quick read

A quest chain set in the IP of Octavia Butler's Earthseed series.

Dialogue ~quick read


A scene of optional dialogue to develop the relationship between a mother and daughter.




A serious game for touchscreens.


A virtual reality olfactory experience.

The Feminist Game Design Project


An exploration of the responsibility of the writer, and also I make a cool touchscreen game in Unity.

Catalina & the Wolf Moon


A 2D adventure game about a little girl who sneaks out of her mother's house to do witchcraft in the woods.