Righting the ship and setting a course.

I started my position as manager with five team members: two programmers, two artists, and a writer. This was Breakaway!'s third official semester in mobile development. The teams before me were made up of only a couple of people - usually an artist and a programmer - who were focused on iterating on some of the game's myriad systems. We had two holdovers from the previous semester, and the rest of the crew was as fresh as I was.


We had no product backlog. We had spotty documentation. We had a broken build. We also - at the time - had no designer. This was the first game I had ever worked on. There was some wide-eyed terror among the group.


I stepped up. I worked overtime to become the product expert, digging through design documents and ancient code from the original game. I developed a diagram of all the systems:

Breakaway systems design
Staying the Course
Bringing it Home


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